Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaning in the Spring

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaning in the Spring 

In springtime, many homeowners get the urge to conduct a thorough housecleaning, partly because they’ve been shut in through a long winter, and also partly because it’s still the beginning part of a new year, and they want a fresh look for their home. One of the areas which often gets neglected in the spring cleaning blitz are the carpets installed throughout the household. Cleaning your carpets should be part of your spring cleaning initiative, for a number of reasons. Here are some of the terrific benefits you’ll receive by cleaning your carpets at the beginning of the year.

Healthier living environment

There are quite a few dust and allergens which become trapped in carpet fibers over a period of time, and if allowed to accumulate, they will find a way into the breathing air in your home. This can cause respiratory issues for household members, especially for those individuals who already have their respiratory systems compromised in some way. A professional carpet cleaner will use high temperature water to kill off all these allergens, and leave your carpet fully sanitized, presenting no threat to the health of your family members.

Extend carpet life

In terms of maximizing your investment in carpets, it’s a great idea to have your carpet professionally cleaned so as to extend its useful life. Whenever allergens and other debris get into the carpet fibers, they can split and cause deterioration among those fibers. By removing all this buildup, you’ll actually get longer life out of your carpet. Of course, you can also contribute to this life extension by performing regular vacuuming, so as to remove debris on a regular basis.

Eliminate stains

Some stains can be extremely hard to remove from carpets, especially if they’ve had time to try and work their way into the carpet fibers. A professional carpet cleaner will use a hot water extraction system so as to remove the really tough stains like ink, pet stains, red wine, coffee, and dirt or mud. If these are allowed to remain in place in your carpet, they will work to degrade carpet fibers and shorten the life of your entire carpet.

Removal of bacteria and dirt

You might think that you’re eliminating all the bacteria and dirt from your carpet by regularly vacuuming the rugs. However, this generally will only remove the surface dirt, and will not touch the material which is embedded deep in the carpet fibers. All that material will stay there until it gets extracted by a professional carpet cleaner, and that means it will work to cause deterioration on your carpet, and it will contribute to poor air quality.

Minimize development of traffic lanes

Some areas of your carpeting will receive much more foot traffic than others, for instance living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. These areas will always deteriorate much more quickly than the carpeting in bedrooms, or under protected areas like beneath chairs and couches. Dirt will constantly be getting tracked into these heavy traffic areas, and it will often give them a darker appearance than the surrounding carpeting. One of the big advantages of having a thorough carpet cleaning is that all this dirt will be removed, and it will help to minimize the effect of traffic lanes. The dark areas of your carpeting will be removed, and the natural vitality of your carpet fibers will be restored.

Enhances appearances

You may not think much about it, but carpeting is actually the single largest furnishing in any given room. It’s also the one which receives the most use by far, so it makes good sense to take exceptional care of your carpeting. By having a professional cleaning done in the springtime, you will not only be extending the life of your carpeting, but you will be improving the appearance of any room where carpeting is installed. This can make a major contribution to the appeal of your household, and can set the foundation for your spring cleaning efforts throughout the house.