Can I Clean My Oriental Rug Myself?

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Can I Clean My Oriental Rug Myself? 

Most Oriental rugs are constructed of fairly heavy materials such as cotton, wool, or silk, and like all other rugs, they can hold a tremendous amount of dirt, debris, hair, and other pollutants which you don’t want in the same room as your family members. The trouble is that cleaning these kinds of rugs can be really difficult because all those nasty things become lodged deep in the fibers of the rug.

It will take a really thorough cleaning to get all those materials out of your rug and that’s not the kind of cleaning that most homeowners are willing to do, or are even capable of doing. You might think you’ve cleaned an Oriental rug well by shampooing it and washing away all the embedded particulates – but there are always some left behind, hiding deep within the rug fibers.

The value of a professional cleaning 

First of all, a professional will have the right kind of equipment to clean your Oriental rug much more thoroughly than you could on your own. This will include high-powered vacuums, industrial strength shampoos, and steam-cleaning equipment. This will help them remove all the pet dander and hair, particle pollutants, dust, dirt, hairballs, and more.

The steam-cleaning process is effective for removal of dust mites and their feces, which are allergens known to cause irritation to people with respiratory issues. When a professional carpet cleaner uses this kind of steam-cleaning, it creates an environment within the rug which is too hot for dust mites to survive, so they all die and are sucked in by the vacuum.

If you happen to live in a humid area, that moisture can easily creep into your rug and trigger the growth of mold. A professional cleaning will remove all this mold and prevent future growth at the same time. All the dirt and bacteria which were deeply embedded in your rug are extracted by the high-powered vacuum, as opposed to removing only the surface-level material that you would normally remove with your own regular household vacuum. 

When this kind of comprehensive cleaning is administered to your Oriental rug, you will once again see all the original bright colors, because the dirt and grime have been removed. The hot-water extraction method used by professional cleaners will eliminate hard to remove stains and all the deeply embedded dirt which would otherwise go untouched by homeowner cleaning. Any stains such as coffee spills, wine spills, or pet stains will be washed away, so that odors will be removed at the same time as the stains. 

This will also extend the life of your carpet, because the more dirt and debris which gets ground into a carpet, the greater is the occurrence of fiber-splitting, which will eventually degrade the carpet and shorten its life cycle. With those pollutants removed, the fibers are protected and are free to last much longer because the source of the problem has been removed.

Should you clean your own carpet? 

The best advice for owners of expensive Oriental carpets is to go ahead and spot-clean your carpet, especially if you’ve just spilled something on it. But if you really want to protect your investment, you should leave the real cleaning to a professional, because that is the only way it will get truly cleaned. Feel free to wash small areas of your carpet by hand, but you should exercise caution while doing this, so as not to damage the carpet fibers. Whenever it becomes feasible, engage the services of a reputable professional carpet cleaner, and then you can have confidence that your rug is as clean as it can be.