Carpet Cleaning Services During COVID-19 

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Literally every business in America is having to make adjustments in order to successfully cope with the new reality of life during the COVID-19 era, and the carpet cleaning profession is no exception. Any cleaning technician who makes a home visit is now obliged to take all steps necessary to ensure that no contact is made with home occupants and that social distancing is observed.

The cleaning specialist will also have to wear gloves and a mask (on request), so as to eliminate the possibility of either passing on any germs to residents, or receiving germs from them. Whatever services are rendered must be in a totally safe manner, so there is no risk either to the professional person or to the family members living in the household. Assuming that this service is delivered in an appropriate manner, having your carpets cleaned during the time of COVID-19 is probably more important now than ever before.

Why having your carpets cleaned is a good idea 

Any periodic or regular cleaning of surfaces around the home with a deep-cleaning sanitizing product can make your home much healthier, and free of germs, bacteria, and viruses. At the same time that your carpets are being cleaned, you should opt to have hard surfaces cleaned and sanitized as well, for instance, those made of wood, stone, tile, vinyl, and any kind of laminate product. Hospital-grade sanitizers have proven to be extremely effective at eliminating virtually all bacteria from such surfaces, and they have also been shown to be effective at eliminating the COVID-19 virus.

Operator safe practices 

In this time of increased risk, cleaning specialists and operators have been trained to take much greater precautions when administering carpet cleaning services. This means wearing gloves, masks, and even boot coverings, so as to ensure that no harmful pollutants are passed on to home occupants, and so the operators themselves are not exposed to any harmful agents. They have also been instructed to wash their hands frequently, and to avoid coming in direct contact with household members, thereby remaining faithful to the social distancing directive to avoid contact within six feet.

Industrial strength sanitization 

In addition to the primary carpet cleaning service, many companies are offering an optional surface-cleaning service which applies a hospital-grade sanitizing agent to hard surfaces so as to kill off all the harmful bacteria which might invade or be brought into the household. This can produce a much healthier living environment for all occupants, and it can leave homeowners with a good deal of peace of mind, knowing that the entire household has been disinfected, and is safe for all family members.

Clean equipment 

Another way that carpet cleaning service has stepped up its game during the COVID-19 crisis is by cleaning all equipment used in the process before going on a home visit. Vacuums and other machinery used in the cleaning process are wiped down with a strong sanitizer, so as to kill off any germs which may have gotten on the surface of the equipment. While a comprehensive cleaning can take place back at the shop, a thorough wipedown can also be undertaken in between cleaning services while a road crew is out on the job. In this way, there is no danger at all of passing on bacteria or germs via the equipment used to do the cleaning.


During this unprecedented time, when extra caution and extra care simply must be delivered along with any kind of home service, carpet cleaning companies have risen to the occasion so as to provide a totally safe cleaning action for American households. All professional cleaners take the necessary steps to ensure that there is no exchange of harmful bacteria between family members and the cleaner. The cleaning service itself has never been more important than it is during this crisis because it can literally help to eliminate all harmful bacteria throughout any household.