Healthy Carpets, Healthy Home.

Steam Master Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc

Some people consider cleaning services a luxury, but when it comes to cleaning carpets, this
“luxury” takes a backseat to the many hygienic, social, and financial benefits of steam-cleaning
your carpets.

While doing a monthly cleaning is ideal, experts say to have your carpets cleaned once every
twelve months 12-months, at minimum, risk irreparable stain damage and even health
problems. Whether through a professional service, or your own time, carpet health is important
and Steam Masters is dedicated to making others aware of the dangers of dirty carpet and the
benefits of keeping your pesky, dirt-collecting fibers squeaky clean.

Your home can quickly become a jungle of dust mites and foreign bacterias. Carpets can be
pretty on the surface, but what they collect underneath can be ugly. With every step onto a
carpeted surface, the ugly may come back. For someone suffering from allergies, or even
asthma, this greatly increases their risk of irritation.
In addition to allergens, carpets collect mold under their surface over time. This could be due
to living in a humid climate, or even the spill you thought you cleaned up. Either way, this mold
can have adverse effects on even the most healthy. Coughing, sore, throats, itchiness.
This level of contamination is more common than you think, but with every cleaning your home
is one step closer to avoiding it.

I know what you’re thinking, how can spending money on cleaning supplies or services save
me money? Simply put, carpets are like the stock market, everything is about the long game.
First and foremost, carpets are expensive to install and surely expensive to replace. If
neglected for too long, a temporary stain can become a permanent one. The coke stain you
cleaned up last week may be deeper than you thought and over time will darken. Worse, mold
creeps between the tiniest of surface and may move down from your carpet into your
floorboards. This is a worst-case scenario, but why take the risk.
Aside from the aesthetics, clean floors mean clean air. An annoying stench, seemingly
unstoppable by the 50 air fresheners you bought, might disappear overnight with a freshly
cleaned carpet.

Everyone likes to look good and there’s nothing wrong with that. A 50-inch TV and beautiful
leather sectional might help, but let’s not forget the elephant in the room… your carpet. It is the
biggest item after all. Our eyes naturally trail down when we walk and any stains or
unkemptness will easily be noticed. A room’s carpet is like a canvas and if there are nicks in the
canvas, people get distracted from the art.
We’re not saying carpets ever beat a diamond chandelier, but what we are saying is with
cleaner carpets that chandelier has never looked better.

Get those carpets cleaned. The task may be time-consuming and cost some money upfront,
however, it’s an investment well spent for healthier, happier home life.
Cleaning isn’t easy, especially considering the sneaky problems such as stains and mold and
mildew. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional team to accomplish the task.
If interested, look no further because Steam Master’s team is dedicated to helping keep your
home clean and on a budget. For a free quote or general inquiries about carpet cleaning
services, please contact us at:
(864) 557-0380