How do I Keep my Carpet Looking New?

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How do I Keep my Carpet Looking New? 

Most rooms in a home will have carpeting installed because it’s comfortable to walk on, it stays warm in wintertime, and it adds a definite aesthetic appeal to any room of your home. However, carpeting will generally require a bit more maintenance than wood flooring does, given the fact that wood floors can generally be kept clean with just regular sweeping and an occasional wash.

Carpeting tends to absorb more spills and collect more contaminants in your home, and over time, this can cause it to lost its color and to become heavy with foreign agents buried deep in the carpet fibers. With a little effort and care, your home’s carpets can still be kept looking like new and maintaining that appealing look which first caught your eye.

Professional carpet cleaning 

By far the best action you could take to preserve your carpeting is to have it all cleaned professionally each year. No matter how well you think you may have cleaned your carpet, it will fall short of the effectiveness that professional cleaning can deliver. A professional cleaning will involve high-powered equipment that has the power to remove even the deepest-seated contaminants from your carpet fibers and can deliver a superior shampooing that will coax out even the most stubborn smells and pollutants. In order to keep your carpets as clean as possible after the professional job, you should put into practice some of the recommendations below. 

Add some extra protection 

You can help to preserve the life of your carpet by putting down a thick rug in areas that receive high traffic volume in your home. These are usually areas around entranceways, staircases, or living rooms, and if left unprotected it’s possible that these areas of your carpet could become worn-out by the heavy traffic. Adding even a small rug to these areas will absorb much of that traffic abuse, and keep the carpet underneath in better shape.

Regular vacuuming 

You should vacuum your carpets once or twice a week, depending on the amount of traffic to which they’re exposed to. Before you begin vacuuming, it’s a good idea to sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, so it can help to remove any odors which may have accumulated there. If you have pets in your home, this is especially important. When vacuuming, make a point of cleaning in one direction, and then repeating the process at a perpendicular angle to your original direction, thus ensuring that you get all the contaminants that may have taken up residence in the carpet fibers.

Removing shoes 

Your shoes will generally contain at least some contaminants which you’ve brought in from the outside, and by removing them before walking through the interior of your home, you’ll be reducing the amount of dirt and debris introduced to your home. Shoes also do much more damage to your carpeting than bare feet would, so that’s another good reason to take them off before walking through the home. To remind your visitors to do the same, you can post a sign at the entrance to your home, and that will spur your guests to comply with the no-shoes policy.

Periodically re-arranging furniture 

Heavy furniture can leave compression marks in a carpet, and if that furniture is never moved to another location, it might even eventually wear right through the carpet. By periodically re-arranging some of the heavy furniture in your home, you can avoid this kind of damage. You might also want to consider placing little stoppers under the legs of that furniture because these will absorb much of the punishment which would otherwise be imparted to the carpeting underneath.