How to clean an area rug?

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How to clean an area rug?

Rugs can add style and elegance to any room in a home, but they also hold onto dirt and debris, unlike wood or other types of flooring. Did you know a woven rug can hold pounds of grit before it starts looking dirty? This is why regular cleaning and maintenance is so important.

Homeowners and renters often think they have the tools and knowledge to clean area rugs themselves, but usually, a DIY method only removes the top layer of dirt and doesn’t thoroughly remove true grime. When the team at Steam Master Carpet & Upholstery works with you, we follow these steps to ensure our clients are happy with the end results.

1). The right tools: We work with leading manufacturers to acquire the tools and equipment needed to clean rugs in the best way possible. It’s more complicated than soap, water, and scrubbing. By using the right tools and solutions, we uphold the integrity of the rug’s material and texture.

2). Removing dirt and debris: One way a homeowner can help is to remove loose debris before we begin the cleaning process. We can remove deeper grit but anything you remove before we take over is helpful.

3). Spot treatment/odor removal: Before we begin the washing process, we spot treat stains and remove any negative odors. Often times, rugs have various stains from pets, children or spills. Before cleaning the rug in its entirety, we make sure individual stains are alleviated. Odors can be very off-putting. We bring your rug back to a clean-smelling state.

4). Washing the rug: The process of washing the rug actually involves three steps, which include washing, rinsing and removing access water. We use various scrubbing methods and tools depending on the material and texture of the rug.

5). Drying: Lastly, once the rug has been washed, we use high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the rug. We guarantee the best outcome for woven textiles. After drying methods are complete, our technicians will inspect and groom the entire area rug.

6). Practice quality maintenance: We realize most folks can only get area rugs professionally cleaned periodically. One way you can keep rug cleaning to a minimum is by practicing ongoing maintenance. That would consist of routine vacuuming and removing dirty shoes at the door before they hit the rug.

We service rugs made of wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, and rayon. If you have an oriental rug, we’ll perform an assessment to evaluate the best cleaning method. Sometimes our team will clean rugs on-site. If it needs to be brought into our shop, we will take care of pickup and delivery. We make it as easy and seamless as possible for our clients. Rugs are important to a home. They offer warmth and comfort. Allow us to bolster the longevity of your home’s rugs by contacting us today.