Importance of Carpet Cleaning 

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Importance of Carpet Cleaning 

Most homeowners don’t think much about the carpeting installed in their homes, unless something gets spilled on it and some kind of cleanup becomes necessary. However, it’s important to establish some kind of periodic cleaning schedule for your carpets, even if you don’t have a household full of accident-prone youngsters. Pets who share the house with you are very likely to be shedding hair into the fibers of your carpet, and there may even be the occasional potty accident.

Even with no kids and no pets contributing to the deterioration of your carpets, they can be subject to a pretty fair amount of abuse. Family members will probably be tracking in dirt and other debris, outdoor pollutants may settle in to the fibers, and various types of debris which get circulated throughout the home will probably find its way into the carpet as well. There are several reasons why you should have your carpeting professionally cleaned every so often, and below you’ll find some of the most important of those reasons.

Health of your family members 

It’s basically unavoidable – your carpet will inevitably collect dust, bacteria, and allergens in the course of every single day. If any of your family members have respiratory issues, e.g. asthma, allergies, this accumulated material will worsen their issues significantly. Children and elderly individuals are especially susceptible to developing breathing problems, or having them exacerbated, by the material which collects in your carpets. While regular vacuuming does remove a good percentage of these pollutants, many are still left behind clinging to the rug fibers. That makes it important that a professional cleaning is undertaken, so that deep cleaning can be performed.

Removing smells

Over a period of time, your rugs can take on any number of smells which they’ve been exposed to. Pet smells are one of the most common types, and these can become very strong and noticeable, especially to visitors who are not subject to those same smells in their own homes. Cooking smells will drift out of the kitchen and settle into your carpets, where they cannot be vacuumed out. And if there is the occasional accident where tonight’s dinner gets spilled on to the carpet, those smells will linger long after you’ve scrubbed the affected area. It doesn’t take long for all kinds of different odors to get attached to your carpets, and these will only come out when the carpet gets a good, thorough washing.

Improved appearance 

You might not realize it, but over time your carpeting will take on a dingy kind of appearance, and the severity of it will depend on just how many pollutants it gets exposed to. When you have the carpet professionally cleaned, you might be quite surprised to see how clean and fresh it looks afterward, because layers of grime and debris will be removed, and the carpet will be restored to its original super-clean look. If your carpet was previously a haven for all kinds of household smells, you’ll also notice that these have disappeared, and have been replaced with a much fresher scent.

Better airflow 

A carpet which is bogged down with considerable dirt and debris will impede the natural flow of air throughout your household, especially in areas next to the walls where airflow typically is strongest. When carpeting becomes clogged with undesirable material, rooms can become stuffy and somewhat unpleasant, even though you might not be able to identify just why that is. Regular vacuuming will not fully remove all this debris, because it has a tendency to become stuck to the carpet fibers.

You might not be able to see or smell all the changes which impact your carpeting over a period of time, but carpets do take some serious abuse, and the best thing you can do to overcome all that is to have them cleaned periodically by a professional.