Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Pets? 

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning

Pet-safe Carpet Care

We love our pets and we make a great effort to maintain our homes so that it smells fresh and looks new. This is because of our pet’s unloved odor and unwanted hairs on floors and carpets. Perhaps the most ideal approach to keep up a new and clean home is to keep your floors and rugs clean. Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis is significant, however, it isn’t enough when managing pet smells. It is recommended to have your rugs expertly cleaned periodically to help wipe out these undesirable smells.

Is professional carpet cleaning totally safe for your pets? This question is researched by many of us. There are some important things to notice and to be cleared before hiring a carpet cleaning company.  You should ask what chemicals they use and are they safe for your pets? According to experts, the most common risks which could be observed are during the process or immediately after the process is completed.

Yes, carpet cleaning is a totally safe process for pets.  It includes 2 types of cleaning which are:

  1. Steam Cleaning (hot water extraction); and the other one is,
  2. Green Cleaning (Low VOC Chemicals)

Both types of cleaning are very effective and totally safe for pets and even for children. The main thing which must be taken care of is the chemicals that are utilized during the process. During the procedure and at the time of drying, the synthetic substances in rug cleaners vaporize and may move in the environment, causing indoor air contamination. This is expected if space isn’t ventilated or if the climate is hot and moist.

Many people are mistaken by the Steam cleaning extraction; it doesn’t mean that steam will be utilized in the cleaning process. Basically, hot water and some chemicals are used during this process. Around 85% to 90% of the water that is utilized while the cleaning process gets drained out of the rug, the rest of the water gets dried out after the cleaning process is completed.

The moisture will evaporate after the process which consists of chemicals that are used during the cleaning process. Because of this, it is very important to know from the professionals about the chemicals which will be used during the entire process. These chemicals are also known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Green Cleaning technique which utilizes Low VOC chemicals deep cleans your rugs, yet it utilizes natural elements that are totally secured, safe and harmless for your family and pets.

By using this technique, you don’t have to stress about the chemicals from your carpet cleaner that will influence your pet’s or children’s skin or overall health. Moreover, you can relax because the Green cleaning technique is entirely eco-friendly and safe.

Some rug shampoos utilized via rug cleaners could leave clingy leftovers on your carpet threads which are difficult to spot with your eyes and you can’t feel them with your hands. Those leftovers will make your carpet more rugged and you can even smell it. These residues could be inhaled by your children or pets while playing or they can get them in their hands, which regularly go into their mouths which is not a good thing for their health.

The wellbeing and security of your family and your pets are extremely valuable. Don’t allow your home to become a hazard by using unsafe cleaning items in your home. You can accomplish the outcomes you need without the hazard by staying with eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic. You won’t just have a clean home, but more significantly, you will have a more flourishing home which is something to be pleased with.