Make Carpeting Cleaning Part of Your Spring Checklist

Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery

Wintertime brings us all inside and keeps us indoors for months. Since we are indoors more, we also soil our carpets and furniture more. That is why Steam Master Upstate suggests that adding professional carpet cleaning becomes a part of your spring checklist. Even though spring has not officially arrived yet, it does not hurt to begin planning for everything you want to do now.

Spring is a season of renewal and brings connotations to our minds, such as freshness and cleanliness. Even creatures of the wild will clean out their burrows when the weather warms up. Although spring has not arrived yet, it will before we realize it, so let’s look at some benefits of cleaning your carpets and rugs.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

As you begin to get rid of dust, draw back the shades, and open the windows, you may notice that your carpets have become grimy. It is common during the winter months for us to track in mud and soil our carpets because of the nasty weather that comes with winter. Furthermore, over the holidays, our carpets and rugs also have more traffic from visitors adding more soil to the carpet fibers. Which leads us to why professional carpet cleaning is beneficial.

  • Maintain Your Carpet’s Appearance: As a professional carpet cleaning company, we suggest that you clean your carpets every 6 to 12 months. If soil is left on your carpet for too long, it will work its way into the fibers and stain. Cleaning your carpet regularly will keep it looking like new.
  • Promotes Longevity: When you clean your carpet fibers, you not only have them looking fresh, but you also prolong their lifespan. Taking care to condition them during treatment will keep you from having to purchase a new rug sooner. This, in turn, saves you money!
  • Health Benefits: The fibers in your carpet also act as a filter because they trap so many things besides soil. Did you know that your carpet collects allergens, pollens, bacteria, and more? Imagine how much has accumulated over the winter months that you can get rid of by professionally cleaning your carpets in the spring. It will immediately boost your health, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

Add Upholstery Cleaning to your Spring Checklist

Nevertheless, your carpets and rugs are not the only fibers in your home that collect allergens and pollutants. Your upholstered furniture collects the same things that your carpets do.

Have you ever sat down on a couch or chair and immediately caught a whiff of stale smelling air? It is not a pleasant experience, but it can be treated with upholstery cleaning.

Just like the fibers in your carpet, the threads in your furniture act as a filter for your home as well. If you notice that after you clean your carpet, there is still an odor, the culprit could be your furniture.

That is why Steam Master Upstate also offers upholstery cleaning services. If scheduled in advance, we can professionally clean both your carpets, rugs and your furniture all in one visit.

Can’t I Clean Everything Myself?

Yes, there are big-box store solutions to carpet and upholstery cleaning that you can rent or buy from. However, the question to ask yourself is, do you have the time and expertise to do it correctly?

If you choose to rent a carpet cleaner from a local store, you also have to invest the time into picking it up and bringing it back, as well as learning how to use the equipment — not forgetting to mention the amount of physical labor involved to complete the entire cleaning project.

Besides, what if you run across a stain that you cannot lift yourself, how do you handle it?

We suggest hiring a professional cleaner to help you, such as our technicians. Here at Steam Master Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we have all of our technicians IICRC Certified to tackle a variety of problems and fix them for you. We also have professional-grade equipment that the public does not have access to provide you with a more thorough clean. If you find that you need help in spring cleaning or year-round maintenance of your carpets and furniture, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more!