Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Pets? 

Pet-safe Carpet Care We love our pets and we make a great effort to maintain our homes so that it smells fresh and looks new. This is because of our pet’s unloved odor and unwanted hairs on floors and carpets. Perhaps the most ideal approach to keep up a new

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Make Carpeting Cleaning Part of Your Spring Checklist

Wintertime brings us all inside and keeps us indoors for months. Since we are indoors more, we also soil our carpets and furniture more. That is why Steam Master Upstate suggests that adding professional carpet cleaning becomes a part of your spring checklist. Even though spring has not officially arrived

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Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays

We are officially in the middle of the holiday season, and with it comes higher traffic in our homes as we both visit and entertain family and friends. Along with the holiday season, we typically see wetter weather, which of course, follows all of us indoors as well — not

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Why does my carpet look dirtier after I clean it?

In an attempt to save money, many people opt to buy or rent a machine and clean their carpets and rugs themselves. A few days after they have cleaned their carpets, they notice it does not look like they have been cleaned at all. Within days it seems like a

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Area Rug Cleaners - Pickens, Anderson , Easley, Clemson

How to clean an area rug?

How to clean an area rug? Rugs can add style and elegance to any room in a home, but they also hold onto dirt and debris, unlike wood or other types of flooring. Did you know a woven rug can hold pounds of grit before it starts looking dirty? This

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Should I Clean My Carpets Before or After the Holidays

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Upstate South Carolina Fall has finally arrived and quickly following it will be the holidays! Now is the perfect time of year to begin planning for family activities and also to prepare our homes for the influx of visitors. There is no better time of year to

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Some people consider cleaning services a luxury, but when it comes to cleaning carpets, this “luxury” takes a backseat to the many hygienic, social, and financial benefits of steam-cleaning your carpets. While doing a monthly cleaning is ideal, experts say to have your carpets cleaned once every twelve months 12-months,

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What do you do if your house has water damage?

Have you ever faced an emergency with water in your home? While we do not wish for that to happen to anyone it can happen. Steam Master Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc offer emergency water damage removal services in the event you find yourself in this situation. Today we want

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Is steam cleaning safe for tile floors?

Steam Master Carpet & Cleaning, Inc. was recently asked a question that we wanted to share with you today, “Is steam cleaning safe for tile floors?” With many homes and businesses using tile on their floors we wanted to share our answer with everyone. Yes, steam cleaning is safe for

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