Should I Clean My Carpets Before or After the Holidays

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Fall has finally arrived and quickly following it will be the holidays! Now is the perfect time of year to begin planning for family activities and also to prepare our homes for the influx of visitors. There is no better time of year to have your carpets professionally cleaned than now before your decorations are put up.

However, you may be wondering if it would be better for you to wait until after the holidays to do a deep clean of your carpets and rugs. In the following months, we will entertain family and friends with parties and delectable treats that can soil our floors. One cannot deny that with the increased foot traffic and the possibility of spills that carpet can become soiled.  Here are our tips for helping you choose whether to clean now or later.

Stain Removal

Did you know that effective stain removal is better on carpets that are cleaner? The more soil that has gathered in your carpet, the harder it is to remove any stain. The particles of dirt and debris that are previously trapped in the fibers of your area rugs and mat can push stains deeper and help keep them longer.

If you have your floors professionally cleaned with a company such as Steam Master Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc., you can ask your technician to apply a protectant to your carpet to prevent stains. That way if Uncle Bob happens to spill his drink on your carpet during a gathering, you will not have to panic. Having a protectant applied to your carpet is an extra step in the cleaning process, but it could prevent a stain that could become permanent and unsightly.

Hygienic Family Time

The fall and winter times are all about family! We celebrate with each other, but we also spend more time indoors due to the chilly temperatures outside. If you have small children think about all the time, they will be spending on the floor playing with new toys, trinkets, and watching movies. Most likely, they will spend hours on end entertaining themselves until Spring.

Removing dirt and dander is healthy to both you and your family. The particles that become trapped in the fibers of rugs and carpets can trigger allergies that no one wants to deal with, getting sick can sometimes be prevented. That is why we recommend that everyone have their carpet steam cleaned at least once every 12 months. Why not clean your carpet now before everyone settles in for the winter months?

Get In Before the Holiday Rush

It is no secret that as the year starts its last chapter that we get busier with holiday chores! If you take the time to schedule your deep clean of your carpeted floors now, you can go ahead and mark one thing off your to-do list.

Eliminate Embarrassing Odors

Have you ever walked into your home and thought it smelled a little funny? Fabrics contain millions of tiny fibers that love to capture and imprison odors. Even the smallest of spills can lead to foul smells over time. If you smell it when you come through your entrance, you can bet on the fact that your guests will too. Take charge of this potential displeasure by hiring a professional contractor who can tackle the scents that your fabrics pick up. Steam Master Upstate can even combat unpleasant smells that are plaguing your upholstered furniture too!

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Don’t wait until after winter to have your rugs and carpets cleaned. Let us help you in preparing your home for gatherings and family time spent indoors. All our technicians are IICRC-certified, and we have the right equipment to handle any issue or size job that you have. Please book your appointment today by contacting us so you can mark this chore off your list early!