Steam Cleaning for Furniture

Upholstery Cleaning

Steam Cleaning for Furniture 

All upholstery will trap allergens, dirt, and other materials that can dull the appearance of your furniture, and actually wear down the fibers over a period of time. The best way to counteract this is with a thorough steam cleaning from a reputable firm which has years of experience performing this kind of service, for instance Steam Master Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Prior to conducting the steam cleaning, we will generally inspect the upholstery to determine the fiber type, and to identify any physical defects which may be present. At this time, if there are any stains or color fading, it will be identified, so the best possible approach can be used during the cleaning process. Whether your furniture is covered by a leather coating or some kind of fabric is in place, a steam cleaning is generally the absolute best way to get it as clean as possible, and to remove all unwanted debris.

The steam cleaning process

The first step in the process usually consists of vacuuming, so that any pet hairs, dander, food leftovers, or loose dust can be removed from the surface. If these were to be left in place, they would just create a mess when the steam cleaning process was initiated. If there are any cushions associated with the furniture, these will also be vacuumed on both sides, to make sure that any materials left over will not interfere with the steam cleaning process.

Next comes the spot cleaning step, and this targets identifiable stains which might be difficult to remove during the general process. An approved EPA cleaning solution is generally used to remove the stubborn stains and spots, so that the steam cleaning process can follow. After the spot treating has concluded, it will be time for the deep steam cleaning to begin. 

Before actually using the steamer, the professional cleaning person will generally detach the water reservoir so it can be filled up with water, plus some amount of fabric cleaner which will accomplish the actual cleaning. Then the appropriate upholstery accessory will be attached to the unit, and this might be a revolving brush or a stationary cloth pad, whichever is called for by the type of upholstery you have.

An upholstery cleaning machine will inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the furniture, so as to release dirt which has become deeply embedded into the fibers of your upholstery. Then the water is extracted, and along with the water comes all the dirt and debris which was formerly embedded in your upholstery. The upholstery itself will generally dry within a few hours, and at that time you’ll notice that it’s looking better than it has since you first purchased it.

After the steam cleaning

Once your professional service person has accomplished the steam cleaning, several hours will be required for the fabric to dry out. The actual length of time will depend on how wet the steamer really was, and your interior conditions. You will generally be able to speed things up by opening some windows and creating an airflow, or by operating an oscillating fan which circulates air very well. If there are any stains or discolorations still in evidence on the upholstery after the cleaning, it might be necessary to conduct a second cleaning which targets the specific area.

It might also be necessary to vacuum the upholstery of your furniture after the steam cleaning in order to remove any dirt that was dislodged by the steaming, but was not actually removed by the cleaning pad.