Top 4 Reasons for Steam Cleaning Your Home or Office

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Top 4 Reasons for Steam Cleaning Your Home or Office

When it comes to deep cleaning, many health-savvy households as well as offices are opting for steam cleaning. After all, traditional cleaning often does more harm than good while steam cleaning offers a variety of benefits for you, your family, and even pets.

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Below we’ll explain the top 4 reasons you should consider steam cleaning for your home or office.

4 Reasons to Steam Clean

Steam Cleaning is Versatile

The biggest advantage of steam cleaning is versatility. This cleaning method uses high temperatures to remove dirt and grime while also disinfecting and polishing surfaces. In the past, steam cleaning was only used for wood flooring. However, advancements in cleaning methods and equipment improved steam cleaning so that it can now be used for almost every surface. Since steam cleaning only uses water, you save a lot of money on cleaning supplies.

In fact, according to the experts, you can save an average of $800 each year by switching to steam cleaning.  Also, since steam cleaning can be used on almost every surface, you remove more germs, allergens, and pollutants in your home or office.

Steam Cleaning is Environmentally Friendly

Steam cleaning uses hot water to disinfect surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about chemical cleaners to create a germ-free, spotless environment. Since you’re not purchasing these chemicals, you’re reducing the risk of damaging the ecosystem.

Chemicals can leak into the soil and water, which ultimately poisons animal and plant life. Therefore, it makes sense that the fewer chemicals you use, the better it is for the environment.

Also, steam cleaning doesn’t require a lot of water, so there’s no additional strain on water supplies. Cleaning equipment uses washable brushes and pads to clean, you’re not using as many disposable pads- reducing waste that ends up in landfills.

Steam Cleaning is Chemical-Free

As we mentioned, steam cleaning uses only water, so you’re not having to depend on harsh chemicals to clean your space. This also improves the look of your space because chemicals often leave behind smudges and streaks, making surfaces look drab and dirty. On the other hand, steam also polishes the surfaces so they shine- which means your space will look spotless when the cleaning is done.

Steam cleaning also improves your health. According to the American Lung Association, many cleaners cause a variety of health issues including:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma/breathing issues
  • Eye irritation
  • Throat irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Headaches

Also, some cleaners can cause chemical burns. By switching from chemical cleaners, you reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals, which means you’re less likely to develop a chemical illness.

Steam Cleaning is Effective

Finally, steam cleaning is effective. Most of the steam cleaning equipment produces steam of 212°F or higher. Some produce steam of 285°F. This means that steam cleaning is much more effective than traditional methods and can do the following:

  • Kill 99.99% of bacteria
  • Removes tough mold and prevents re-growth
  • Removes trapped pollutants
  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Removes yeast, fungi, stains, bacteria, grease, mold, and odors

According to the EPA, indoor spaces contain 100 times more allergens/pollutants than outdoor spaces. Since we spend most of our time indoors, steam cleaning is more valuable than ever.

Do You Need Steam Cleaning Services?

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