Why does my carpet look dirtier after I clean it?

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In an attempt to save money, many people opt to buy or rent a machine and clean their carpets and rugs themselves. A few days after they have cleaned their carpets, they notice it does not look like they have been cleaned at all. Within days it seems like a fresh layer of dirt has just fallen on the floor, or the stains that they thought were gone have magically reappeared! Unfortunately, that is why we often hear homeowners ask the following question online, “Why does my carpet look dirtier after I clean it?” There are a few reasons this can happen, but it is generally due to cleaning with a less than ideal method.

DIY Cleaning Carpets

You can step into almost any major store and find a section where you can rent cleaning equipment for your home or purchase a machine for yourself. At first glance, the companies that rent this equipment make it look easy for anyone to clean their own carpets successfully.

The problem with attempting to clean your own carpets and rugs is that it is easy to use too much water or soap throughout your process. When you are untrained on how to clean your carpeted floors properly, making this mistake is a common occurrence.

However, the user of the equipment cannot take all the blame as the machines that can be rented in your local store are not fully capable of entirely removing all of the soap and gunk out of your carpet anyway. The only way to ensure that everything is removed is to use equipment mounted to a truck that genuinely has the power of suction built into it. The machines you rent in stores commonly have little more power than the average vacuum cleaner.

When water and soap are left in your carpet fibers, dirt and debris are attracted to them and rise to the surface as the liquid evaporates. This leaves a dirty kind of grey film on the surface of your floors that shows up later.

Deep Stains Into the Backing

If something gets on your carpet, it is best to deal with it right away with spot removal before the substance can get too deep. Once a wet material has reached the backing of your carpet and has settled deep, it is impossible to remove the stain on your own.

You can attempt to clean the surface fibers on your own, but each time the area comes in contact with any type of moisture, the stain will reappear. This happens because of wicking. Wicking is the process when fibers draw the moisture from beneath to the surface so the moisture can be evaporated. When a stain has reached the backing of your carpet, the process of wicking draws up the dirt and debris when anything gets it wet. However, a trained technician with the proper equipment can remove any debris that has settled.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

You can now see why it is not in your best interest to clean your floors on your own, but it is equally as essential to hire a reputable company that has trained technicians to help you. Not all professional carpet cleaning companies provide quality services.

There are companies out there who do not use proper cleaning methods and do not train their technicians just to cut costs and make a quick buck.

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